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Why we only charge a small fee?

We here at Spiritual Souls Members Lounge would love nothing more than to be able to give you your membership for free because we really believe our Members Lounge has incredible value for everyone and the guidance, support, groups, self help tools and downloads, not to mention the FREE weekly card readings & videos have proved to be a great hit with the other people within our growing community and has helped them not only with their own spiritual journey but allowing them to release what no longer serves them in a comforting, unique, professional and supportive way. Unfortunately, we live in a society where websites fall victims to online scammers and as a result of this, at times the system may pick up that your email address is a potential spamming one so we may have to approve your membership application. This is why we have to charge a £1 fee for the membership just to stop this from happening. Paying for your membership also enables us to be able to act out a spiritual exchange of energy and therefore starts the process of your spiritual growth journey with us.

Sound like something you would love to be a part of? We think so too so all you need to do now is follow the instructions below and welcome to our spiritual community.


Our full Terms & Conditions are available here

We have the following £1 subscription available for our site. Your membership comes with unrestricted access as we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to self-heal, share your stories with us and our community and learn more about how to create wealth, health & happiness into your everyday life without it costing a small fortune. As a member, you will also benefit from discounts to our e-courses, workshops, readings and much more. You can renew or cancel your subscription by using the forms below. You may cancel your membership at any time as there is no ongoing commitment.

What are you waiting for?…feed your soul today!

Please note: We request that all persons registering for this site complete the sign up procedure. Failure to do this will cause your registration to be removed without consultation.


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