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New Moon in Aries – On the cusp of change

New Moon in Aries – On the cusp of change

March’s Mercury Retrograde mayhem is well and truly behind us!

April ushers in the renewal energy of spring (and glorious autumn in the southern hemisphere) and with it April’s energy brings many surprises! Our karmic patterns will come to light, so we can be free of them once and for all. But you want to prepare for the many revelations coming your way.

Ready to open a new chapter? The new moon in Aries arrives on April 5th. It marks the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another. Straddling the cusp of change might feel scary, but if you can embrace the uncertainty and take a free fall, you could find yourself in a far more satisfying place. This new moon breaks the seal on Aries Season, bringing with it a refreshing new start! (Thank god I say. This year so far energy wise has been mega intense). Aries is a sign known for its ability to take brave, bold actions towards what it desires. This new moon encourages YOU to do the same. It’s a new moon that asks you to challenge your self-doubt by being thoughtfully responsible to all that you have committed to. It’s a new moon that demonstrates the transformational nature of being discerning, deliberate, and unwilling to be halted by unfounded fears.

This potent New Moon is brimming with potential. There may be a sense that things are on the verge of change, as the path you choose now could have consequences for many years to come. So be very careful how you play your cards right now.

This is the first new moon after the Spring Equinox, which sparks the growth cycle for the upcoming year. At this pivotal moment, charts are cast to predict political and economic trends for the next twelve months. We’re at a crossroads, both on a personal and a global level, so don’t feel alarmed – or alone – if your anxiety level has spiked. I know my head is spinning a lot from recent revelations and I have had to ground myself more so than usual. In the end I have just decided to go with the flow and allow the ebb and flow of the universe take me to where I need to be at this moment in time. I have also decided to manifest more the last few weeks so I can keep my end goal(s) in sight and not be side tracked or hit off balance with everything that has been going on.

This New Moon also offers a new beginning and a chance to reset the clock. Let the warm winds of spring blow you in a new direction, and trust that even if you can’t see where you’re going, the universe will be there to guide you!

We are living in a world of constant contradictions, and with this New Moon I am challenging you to begin to rewrite this tired old narrative that we are supposed to always be ‘in tune’ or that we are ‘not good enough’. Aries, as the zodiac sign of ‘me’ is the perfect opportunity to radically love yourself. I know that we all could do with some good old self love and not be ashamed to say so!

Because there is a difference between staring at yourself in the mirror and saying positive affirmations and then stepping into a meeting or socially where other people are and saying the same thing and believing it. Question is…are you ready to take on this challenge? This moon is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and setting YOUR standard off things to come.

Use this exercise to rewrite the taboo…

Grab some paper and a pen and answer the following questions:

  • What is the most amazing thing about you?
  • What is the second most amazing thing?
  • Have you ever told the people you love how much you love these things?
  • Why not?
  • Who is the scariest person in your life to announce your awesomeness to? DO NOT SKIP THIS.
  • Can you commit to in this lunar cycle getting over your fear of being seen in your full awesomeness?

Then, try these rituals throughout the month to get over this fear…

  1. Post a photo of yourself that you love, write a self-deprecating caption or a caption about anything to do with your suffering or what you are sensitive about or what makes you feel proud of. I did mine early and posted it on my personal FB page a few days ago. The response I got shocked me to be honest. I had a lot of private messages and nearly 150 likes or loves. It just goes to show that showing the rawness of ourselves is the true essence of thy. I certainly felt the love!
  2. Text or voice note a bestie or loved one and say three things you love about yourself.
  3. Write a letter to yourself describing in detail how amazing you are.
  4. Say in front of that “scary” person how you are beautiful, successful, or whatever adjective applies to you.

I always thought that admitting I was beautiful to other women (or actually anyone) might make me more vulnerable – so I hid away that confident part of myself for many years. And then I realised that first off, everyone is beautiful in their own way, and celebrating yourself allows those around you to do the same.

So, to all those reading this post, come out of hiding! Challenge yourself to celebrate YOU and be seen as YOU. After you say how great you are, do not add a “but” statement. Just sit. Pause. Take a breath. Feel how scary and weird and awkward that may have been. Or perhaps how easy! And keep on doing it.

I would love to know how you all get on so please comment on the bottom of this post your initial thoughts along with how you did with the challenge. I personally find that unless I set myself a challenge I am unlikely to stick to it!

The second full moon in Libra in a row occurs on April 19th (the first of which happened in March). Given the double emphasis on the part of your chart that contains Libra, this full moon’s influence is part of longer lasting pattern and therefore more impactful to work with.

Though this month is free from Mercury’s retrograde, it is a month that sees Jupiter (Jupiter, the planet of knowledge and higher vision, is now crossing between worlds. It represents the karmic knot at the centre of our galaxy, where a powerful black hole swirls. This means there will be an uncertain time for teachers, religious organisations, and government institutions; even personal beliefs could be up for a re-evaluation. On April 10th, Jupiter turns retrograde, magnifying the intensity of our spiritual awareness and helping to unravel the tight karmic knots of the past. This Jupiter Retrograde will especially affect the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces, as well as those in cycles of Jupiter. Pluto, and then Saturn (which goes retrograde after 29th April, this is a time of general unrest and uncertainty. It is also a prime opportunity for personal and spiritual breakthroughs. This will be amplified by the transformative influence of Pluto, you might have an unexpected mind-expanding experience. Very different in nature from Mercury’s relatively quick and chaotic retrograde, these longer-lasting retrogrades will be helping us review certain areas of our lives over the course of many months. They pull focus over the course of seasons rather than weeks, giving us time to adjust, understand, and integrate their specific lessons. Stay tuned to our posts to see further updates about these retrogrades.

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