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Your Horoscope for the month of May 2019

You can expect lots of intensity astrology-wise in April. Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn turn retrograde, we’ve Mercury, Venus and a New Moon in pioneering Aries and the month culminates with a Full Moon Blue Moon in relationship sign Libra on April 19th at a critical degree.  So let’s have a look at what April’s monthly horoscope has in store.

Love on the rocks? Your April monthly horoscope to the rescue!

The month begins with at Aries New Moon on April 5th. This is like a mini-detox, a spring-clean, allowing you to bin the past and make a fresh start. Mercury direct connects with Saturn and Neptune over the period and Pluto conjuncts South Node, helping you clarify matters and burn old rubbish to the ground to fuel you forward.

Soon after, Jupiter in Sagittarius goes retrograde on the 10th and Venus connects with a whole bunch of planets in the sky, including romantic Neptune, generating excitement aplenty. Many things are happening all at once between the 10th and 17th and you’ll need to strike a balance: pursue your dreams and keep your vision alive whilst also being able to compromise and keep both feet on the ground.

Then, on April 19th, we get a Blue Moon in Libra at the very last degree, the second Libra Full Moon this spring. Mercury resumes normal speed and enters Aries right before that Blue Moon and things are finally ready to move forward after a whole month’s delay. With the Sun and Venus also about to change signs it looks like a last minute deal or agreement finally goes through. You now have the chance to fix anything that was broken and get things straight. April 19th is a critical juncture for relationships.

Come April 20th, the Sun enters Taurus where it meets Uranus in Taurus, Venus enters Aries and Venus and Mercury meet Chiron in Aries. There’s tons of brand new energy there all in one go and you’re ready for whole new adventures in love and business alike!  Relationships are uncomplicated with Venus in Aries from April 20th till mid-May: ‘Me Tarzan, You Jane’ is all that may be needed by way of introductions…

By month’s end, Pluto and Saturn turn retrograde on the 24th and 30th of April respectively and it’s time to prepare for the big transformation building up toward Saturn-Pluto 2020. Saturn stations right on the South Node, bringing old karma to light and clearly illustrating what no longer works. With Mars square Neptune too, you might feel temporarily at a loss as to what to do. Let go and trust that something better is on its way. Time for some important restructuring in your life.

Read on for your monthly horoscope…


Aries April Horoscope 2019

Aries Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This month favors your professional life, unlike your personal life. This, in a sense, means that you will be more concerned with issues at work or they will be more important to you. However, your professional success will have a positive effect on the family mood, bringing happiness. The problems or interests of others will be important to you, as you feel the need to have their support in order to achieve your own goals. This is not the time for independent actions or for showing yourself off. You need to make some compromises and accept the broader consensus. Moreover, you should be very careful with your temper, so as to restrict any bursts of aggression. You need to be more restrained. Nevertheless, communication will be facilitated this month, so you can talk about important issues or resolve disputes and problems. You can be freed from issues and people that drain your energy. Throughout the month there will be a tendency for romance and feeling, and it is a good time for educational or spiritual trips.

Aries Monthly Love Summary:

This month will offer many opportunities for contact and conversations with people of power and authority. If you are single, you will make interesting acquaintances in places associated with education or religion, during the first week. An interesting prospect from your workplace is also likely to come up and evolve positively. If you are in a relationship, you should be a bit careful, as any issues will have to be sorted out or controlled. If you manage to resolve all the problems, it will be for the best. If you are married, know that marital life will be excellent, with intense passion and emotion that might even lead to a pregnancy.

Aries Monthly Career Summary:

This month will be very positive for your professional affairs. There will be opportunities to show off your skills, and if you are in a job search process, there will be plenty of opportunities to change your situation. You will receive offers that you should think about seriously, so that you can make the best decision. In your finances, your prospects are favourable. You are about to have an increase of your income. Not bad at all! It will also be very easy to find funding for your financial ventures. Money from inheritance will give you something extra that will make you feel comfortable and plan your next steps. On the other hand, be careful before you take on new responsibilities or start new ventures. You can further improve your financial situation by reducing unnecessary costs.


Taurus April Horoscope 2019

Taurus Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This month your focus lies primarily on your professional affairs which overshadow your family and personal issues. There will be developments that you will not be able to influence or control. You can reach your goals with the help of those around you and by using common sense. The people that surround you, especially those that you love and care about, will be your first priority. Your personal aspirations will come next. During this, month you have to be flexible rather than maintain a rigid stance. You must make compromises in various situations if you want to maintain the balance and a positive mood. You will be given opportunities to travel abroad, to develop your educational level as well as to enhance your spiritual awareness. Be very cautious during the full moon. Make sure to control your spontaneity and manage each difficulty with a level head. You will have balanced relationships with other and your own self, so the time is right to improve the conditions in your existing collaborations.

Taurus Monthly Love Summary:

In your love life, you will have many opportunities to socialize and approach various interesting people. Your social life will be very intense, with many opportunities for fun and entertainment. If you are single, you will get the chance to start a new adventure or a serious relationship. The elements that attract you, and through which you can find romance, are related to spiritual search and teaching. On the other hand, if you are in a relationship, the family mood will be quite happy and harmonious. There will be several family gatherings during which you will have beautiful moments that will fill you with warmth and love. The situation will be quite clear in existing relationships, and those that are solid will have duration and a long future. This month is also suitable for you to take a next step, either having a child or by making your relationship formal.

Taurus Monthly Career Summary:

At work, you will have the opportunity to evolve and develop your plans. Your goals will keep coming closer, giving you optimism and satisfaction. You are likely to face some obstacles in your career, so be sure to prepare as best you can. In your finances, make any big investments or large expenses before mid-month. You had better postpone any moves related to the stock market until a more favorable period. This month is suitable for a reassessment of your financial strategy, in order to immediately proceed with the necessary changes.


Gemini April Horoscope 2019

Gemini Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This month favours your professional rather than your personal life. Your career will receive a big boost. That’s why you’ll be more interested in the issues that concern your work than those that have to do with your finances. You will also need to focus more on the people around you, their needs and how to fulfill them. Your ambitions should be set aside for a while, as the planetary setting does not offer its favor for pursuing them. Let things flow normally, without putting pressure, and accept any result. The support of your social circle will help you achieve your goals. During the beginning of the month, make sure you are reserved and you maintain control of your reactions and feelings. Eventually, you will be able to create harmony in your emotional world and in your relationships with those around you. In terms of health, you will be in a very good condition. You know what is good for you and how to take care of yourself and keep your good form.

Gemini Monthly Love Summary:

In your love life, you will have the opportunity to make new acquaintances and interact with different people, thus enhancing the chances of making a new romantic relationship. You are quite sociable and this makes you interesting and approachable. Your charm will be intense, and this will not go unnoticed by the opposite sex. This month, your demands from your personal life will change. If you are single, you are in search of a life partner who can meet your needs, but at the same time you are willing to fulfill every one of their wishes. The same change will happen if you are in a relationship. You will want to pay more attention to the needs of both of you. So, you will get closer to your partner, making passion even more intense and diffusing happiness everywhere into the atmosphere. A pregnancy might even occur.

Gemini Monthly Career Summary:

In the field of work, the month is ideal to implement your business plans. Your faith in professional development is unshaken and this gives you the strength and motivation to move decisively. The influence you receive from the planetary setting helps you find a more lucrative job or further develop your business so you can earn more revenue. However, the development of your career will have some ups and downs. New prospects are expected from the family and friendly environment. So keep your eyes open and do not rush to dismiss any suggestion if you do not think it through. If you are looking for a job, you will have many opportunities for this, so be alert. In your finances, expect prosperity after the middle of the month. You will have the opportunity to spend a bit more on your personal luxury. Making profit will be on your mind and whatever moves you make will be motivated by this thought.


Cancer April Horoscope 2019

Cancer Monthly Horoscope Summary:

The planetary setting is pushing you into dealing with both your business and home and family issues. You will divide your time and attention between the two, as is normal. Personal initiative and important actions will set the appropriate ground for developing cooperation and an atmosphere of understanding. You have to adapt to situations and make the necessary compromises if you want to achieve the purpose you have in your life. The people who surround you are important and their cooperation is what will make things possible. Various forces reel you in different directions, making it more difficult for you to balance the different requirements. Eventually, the universe will bring you its positive energy. Make sure you make the most of the favoured days and you will see very important developments in your life.

Cancer Monthly Love Summary:

This will be a very interesting month for your love life, whether you are in a relationship or free of commitments. You will have the opportunity to have fun, to approach new people, to flirt and to make new acquaintances by using your charm. You will not go unnoticed by the opposite sex, so do not miss an opportunity to attract the person you have singled out. If you are in a relationship, this month will be full of excitement and good moments. All you have to do is control your enthusiasm within the relationship. You might take a secret peek here and there. Take advantage of this favorable period and balance the situation in your relationship or resolve whatever creates a negative mood.

Cancer Monthly Career Summary:

In your professional life, this will not be the best month possible. You need to move slowly and steadily, especially when it comes to decisions related to your profession or the course of your career. Make sure to only draw conclusions after careful scrutiny. Your partner does not seem to be supportive of your work and this will affect your career prospects. If you are searching for a job again, this month is expected to deliver great results. In your finances, your ingenuity is expected to bring you additional revenue. At the same time, you will be able to earn extra income from sources other than your profession. Ventures based on speculation are not expected to have a positive outcome, as the planetary setting does not create the appropriate conditions. So, make sure you move wisely, slowly and securely, avoiding moves that could throw you off your budget,


Leo April Horoscope 2019

Leo Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This month, your strong individual will and your dynamic actions will give priority to the needs of others and to the common consensus. You will be more concerned with the issues of others, than with your own. You will also have to adapt to the situations that are a direct result of your past actions. If you have made your bed right, you can now sleep in it nicely. Otherwise, try to find ways to improve the situations even now. Collaborating with others will help you achieve your goals. There will be a conflict between professional interests and family issues. You have to balance things and manage to show equal attention in both areas, dealing with the various problems that will arise. You might move to a different residence area or spend money on personal luxuries. Child-related issues will need your attention. Particular attention should be given to an internal turmoil, during the beginning of the month. Try to be cool and remain in control of the situations. Later in the month, you will regain your good mood, optimism and a clear mind to think and set priorities.

Leo Monthly Love Summary:

In your love life, the planets will favour you with a positive mood and give you the prospect of finding love or invigorating forgotten feelings. If you are looking for the person to stand beside you, know that this month will give you the chance to start a new relationship. You will be very active in your social life and this will help your love life. If you are in a relationship, you will see that, one way or another, it will become more serious. A relationship that you think is casual might become more serious, while the one you consider to be a milestone in your life might even evolve into marriage. Your coexistence in your relationship is harmonious, while romance is intense and defines the moments. This month is great to think about expanding your family. The family environment will undergo major changes and your relationship with some members is likely to go through some turmoil.

Leo Monthly Career Summary:

Your work life is overshadowed by family issues this month. You are more interested in being well and balanced emotionally. Therefore, professional ambitions come second for the time being. You manage to keep a low profile, working on a schedule and being quite conservative. You are not interested in following a strategy that will help you step up the hierarchy. Your financial situation, on the other hand, is affected by the planetary setting. It appears that, by the middle of the month, the money you make will be a result of your inventiveness. You will be able to make money from ideas that aim to make a profit. You must trust your instincts, but also your strengths. Experience will be a valuable counsellor, so do not defy its power. Finally, it would be good to settle any significant investments or payments before the middle of the month, when the period will be appropriate for such moves.

Virgo April Horoscope 2019

Virgo Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This month you will focus mostly on internal issues, rather than your career. You will need to deal primarily with your internal needs, as well as the ones related to your family. You will realize how important it is to do things that give you pleasure and emotional satisfaction. This month favors collaboration and common sense, even if you feel more autonomous in the beginning. You will eventually count more and more on the people around you, as you will need their support in order to reach your goals. Make sure you maintain a flexible behaviour, do not be rigid. Try to adjust to situations that will make your daily life smoother. If you work in the sector of education, this month the planets favour you, as long as you remain calm and collected during the full moon. Eventually, the mood will calm down again and you will be able to make some necessary new beginnings.

Virgo Monthly Love Summary:

This month will be positive for your love life. If you are single, this might be the month when you will meet your next partner. You will be attractive and will not go unnoticed by the people around you. This will help you make new acquaintances. A romance might occur within your workplace, your study circle or the area where you live. If you are in a relationship, or married, things will be harmonious and you will have the chance to go out, socialise with people and have fun as a couple.

Virgo Monthly Career Summary:

Things are expected to be simple and smooth at work, with no particular interest. Your professional aspirations come second to other, more important things. It is very important for you to be emotionally stable, in order to get more from your job. Make sure to remain serious and to settle as many pending obligations as you can. Your finances will be exceptional. You will make money from gambling and other similar activities, which will, however, require good judgment in order to make the right steps. Your intelligence will lead you to prosperity.

Libra April Horoscope 2019

Libra Monthly Horoscope Summary:

Your interest will be more focused on the home and family issues. You ought to be more careful and low key. The field of work, on the other hand, seems to be moving more smoothly, even indifferently. No surprises are expected to make you consume time and energy. You will devote yourself to family matters, working with the aim of creating a harmonious environment that will also improve your own mental strength. When it comes to your personal development, you will be quite strong. Your own strengths will be enough to achieve your goals and move courageously towards their achievement. You will not need the support and guidance of others, which serves you if you want to avoid compromise.

Libra Monthly Love Summary:

Your love life calls for attention this month, as it seems that your relationship will face problems and tensions. The planetary setting gives you negative influences in this field and you had better be more restrained. Your relationship will through a test and, if it is quite strong, it will be able to survive. If it is not, then it’s time to review the facts and see what’s best for you and your partner. Perhaps a separate life path is better for both. If you are single, you seem to be quite dynamic and will look for someone that can cover both your financial and emotional needs. Passion will dominate, creating a mood that is intense and extremely warm.

Libra Monthly Career Summary:

At work, this month is not expected to be highly productive. There will not be any particular developments, so take the time to dream about your professional future and make plans on how to make those dreams come true. Decisions related to developments in your career will undergo major changes. Your finances, on the other hand, are at the center of interest. Your incomes will be great, as planetary influences are favourable. You can give a boost to this area through trade, sales and communication. Your creativity is expected to lead you to prosperity.


                                   Scorpio April Horoscope 2019

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This month you will focus more on your personal balance and pleasure. Domestic issues will concern you more than anything else, as you will need to feel balanced and have a good time. The professional sector is not particularly favoured, so make your plans now and implement them later, during more favourable periods. Autonomy and strong will prevail, and you will be able to impose your conditions whenever it is necessary. If things do not go according to plan, you can always make the necessary changes to adjust them to your demands. You don’t need to fit in or to seek help from others. This month, your love life will be intense, full of passion and impulse. You are likely to give in to physical pleasures in order to feel alive. Success in your life will depend on how well you can balance physical pleasures with other areas. This will be a period of great changes, imposed by forces that you cannot control. You are a mere witness of the developments, so accept them and move on. Keep calm and make the most of the positive influence.

Scorpio Monthly Love Summary:

Your personal charm will make you the center of attention and you will easily be able to attract people. If you are single, go out, have fun and immerse yourself in the seduction game. Be careful not to intimidate others with your enthusiasm and self-confidence. You must maintain a good balance. Coexistence in your marriage or in your relationship will be very smooth and harmonious. Enjoy the intense emotions and the favour of the universe.

Scorpio Monthly Career Summary:

Your professional life will not be your focus for this month, as surprises are not expected. Take advantage of this stability, to assess your course so far and to make adjustments, in order to improve your future prospects. If you are looking for a job, pay attention to any offers you receive and be very careful. Interesting developments are expected in your finances, as long as you put some effort into overcoming the challenges. Improve your image if you want to improve your finances; not only will you gain money, but you will also spend some on charity.


Sagittarius April Horoscope 2019

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This month you will mostly focus on your family and home life, as the planets turn you towards this direction. Your business affairs do not seem to have significant potential for development, so do not consume your energy unnecessarily. Try to create harmony at home, keeping the communication channel open. Stability in your personal life will be of great importance to you, as it will affect your psychology. Your own existence in relation to those around you seems to be more important than anything else. This means that you will feel confident and dynamic in order to achieve your goals. You will be able to move quite independently without needing a push from others. You will have extreme confidence in your powers and you will not have to adjust your needs to the needs of others. Make sure you do things that please you, but be a bit more careful during the beginning of the month.

Sagittarius Monthly Love Summary:

Your love life will be a bit complicated this month. Υou will have many opportunities to make emotional approaches and create a relationship, if you are single. Make sure you get out, have fun and experiment with people. It is not a bad idea to broaden your horizons, escaping clichés and avoiding putting labels on people. Eventually, relationships will become more idle. This means that passion will not be a priority and that’s why you will have to be low key, keeping balance in the relationship.

Sagittarius Monthly Career Summary:

Your business issues and plans seem to freeze for a while this month. The planetary setting does not favour openings, investments or dynamic steps in general. So, you had better limit yourself to your daily responsibilities, taking care not to leave any issues hanging. This will give you the time to deal with your personal affairs or your social profile. In a sense, you will save money as you will not be tempted to deal with investment projects that are likely to cause damage. In your finances, you should try a bit more. The planetary setting creates some difficulties that urge you to make more effort to make money you would otherwise make more effortlessly. Financial prosperity is expected to return to you towards the end of the month.

Capricorn April Horoscope 2019

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This month, family issues will be a priority for you, rather than career issues. As the month unveils, you will be more and more involved with your domestic and personal affairs. At the same time, your inner strength will give you the lead and the resources to achieve your personal aspirations. You are very focused on your goal, you know exactly what you want to achieve and how to achieve it. You do not need crutches and external influences to make it, so nothing seems impossible. Situations will not be limiting your choices and moves, so you have the power to make the changes that you think will benefit you. Avoid the big words and the intense activity on the beginning of the month, when it is wiser to move conservatively. Conditions will eventually improve.

Capricorn Monthly Love Summary:

In your love life, you will have the opportunity to have a good time and you will be particularly interested in anything that is beautiful and fun. This means you will not remain indifferent towards a charming presence that entertains you and makes you laugh. Your own charm will also be intense and will attract others. You might spend a little more to improve your appearance. In terms of relationships, if you are in one, there will be changes and ups and downs that will define the course of the relationship. If you are married, there may be reservations about whether the time is right ta have a child.

Capricorn Monthly Career Summary:

Work on any loose ends and make sure you complete them promptly so that you have more time to devote to your personal life and psychology. By the end of the month, your professional life will receive influences that will create temporary changes in your status. Your financial situation is expected to be excellent this month, since the planetary setting changes to your advantage. You will display particular intelligence in your financial moves and this will help you clarify your goals about the ways you want to make money. In your ventures you will have the financial support you need, either by friends or by financial institutions.


Aquarius April Horoscope 2019

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This month is expected to shift your attention towards business issues, more than anything else. There will be issues that will attract your interest and will need your energy. On a social level, you will find yourself close to personalities who will have great influence on you. At the same time, you will feel strong confidence that will pave the way for your projects to be materialised. You have your own way to work and you will stick to it. You do not need to focus on others or follow their lead in order to achieve what you want. Make sure you do not make risky moves during the full moon. It is probably preferable to be more conservative. Eventually, your mood will improve and you will be able to set the bases for the issues that trouble you.

Aquarius Monthly Love Summary:

Your love life is expected to be intense this month. If you are single, you will be quite sociable, the rhythms will be frantic and you will be at the center of developments and interest. You will have the boost from friends and loved ones to take steps that will bring you closer to a more balanced love life. Love or a new relationship is likely to come from the workplace. If you are married, married life will be smooth and very interesting. You will be closer to your partner and you will have the opportunity to deal with any issues that create obstacles to your smooth, joint daily life.

Aquarius Monthly Career Summary:

Your professional life will be at the forefront this month. The planetary setting will bring changes that will affect your current status. You may get a promotion, or you may be given more responsibilities, or even change work environment. You are quite ambitious in your work and you do your best to reach your goals. Developments in your career will also affect your family happiness. You will overcome any obstacles thanks to your strong personality. In your finances, you will have to overcome some difficulties, but as time passes things get better and you are given the opportunity to recover. Plans that were stagnant are starting to move forward, while through your business contacts you are likely to earn extra money.



Pisces April Horoscope 2019

Pisces Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This month brings prosperity and positive developments to your work, leaving family and domestic issues behind. Your career will monopolise your interest, as harmony in your family will help you devote yourself to your job undisturbed. Your family members help and support you with your professional aspirations. Gradually within the month, you will feel the need to withdraw and turn a little more towards your inner self. You will seek your autonomy and independence by making moves that will bring you closer to yourself. You will be able to bring your skills to the surface. The planetary setting enhances your self-confidence, making it strong in order to achieve your ambitions. Be a bit careful during the full moon.

Pisces Monthly Love Summary:

Things in your love life will not be exactly ideal. Remarkable changes are about to happen in your relationship. This means that you will need to review the existing conditions and see what needs to be modified, in order to make the situation more functional. If you feel that things are going to end, do not deny that, as it will be for your own benefit. If you are single, you will show more interest in your personal aspirations and less in matters of the heart. If these two can be combined, it will be a great alternative for you. You are attracted to people who are educated, knowledgeable and able to take you to new worlds, far from the trivial. Your psychological balance is more important than finding a new partner. Take your time and do whatever you can to improve your mood.

Pisces Monthly Career Summary:

You will be able to see your career develop, as a result of your initiatives and the support you receive from your family members. Professional requirements will force you to travel or expand your knowledge through seminars and workshops. Support of the planetary setting will be obvious and will help you achieve your professional goals. In the financial sector, you have to slow down and become less spontaneous. The location of the planets makes the flow of money difficult, so think well before closing any financial deal. Pay attention to detail, so that you are still balanced at the end of the month.






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