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Your Horoscope for the month of March 2019

March 2019 is a really powerful month in your horoscope and you can feel this right from the get-go. Why? Because Uranus enters Taurus (to stay till 2026), Mercury goes retrograde all month and we also get a Pisces New Moon conjunct master illusionist Neptune… Get ready for your grip on reality to get pretty thin!

Your March Horoscope is Pure Magic or so Say the Stars…

These three key astrological events (Uranus in Taurus, Mercury retrograde and the Pisces New Moon) take place all squeezed together, on 5-6 March putting you on edge and making for a pretty unsettling start to the month. Why is everything so very strange and edgy? Well, Chiron entered Aries last month (right around that supermoon!) and now Uranus is also jumping ship. And when big planets change signs like that, things feel a little icky. You’re on unfamiliar ground, the goalposts have shifted, and new concerns are slowly taking shape that you can’t quite see but which will take you all the way to 2026. And so there is a period of adjustment. With Mercury retrograde 5th – 28th March too (basically all month long) it’s time to slow down a little and get the lay of the land. What needs revisiting? What needs reviewing and recalibrating? Don’t get too comfortable right now. Changes lie ahead!

How about your love horoscope for March? Brace yourself for fireworks! We have a full moon in relationship sign Libra which is sure to hit a raw nerve as Spring makes an appearance on March 21st. Lessons in love cut deep this month because the full moon is opposite Chiron in Aries and it happens just as love planets Venus and Mars square each other off. This could be enough to put you on the war path. Did someone hurt you? Or is an old hurt coming up? It’s a love-hate moment and indifference is not an option, especially as Mars is in Taurus and Venus in Aquarius, both fixed, stubborn signs, and nobody’s likely to want to back down.  Things can work out as long as you focus on a single objective, namely to find a fair and just compromise.

As March comes to a close, Venus enters Pisces March 26th Mercury goes direct March 28thand finally, Mars enters Gemini March 31st. This should loosen your jawline a little and allow fruitful dialogue to begin again without all the amateur dramatics. It won’t be till early April that the fog will begin to clear once more allowing you to tackle what’s important.

Read on for your monthly horoscope…


Aries March Horoscope 2019

Aries Monthly Horoscope Summary:

Your month begins with a flow of emotions and your mind will be troubled. A slight lack of communication will not create particular problems or difficulties. You will just need to be clear and specific in your communication, so as to avoid any misunderstandings. Eventually, you will gain energy and decisiveness and you will manage to work well under pressure. Make the most of this month to promote your plans and improve your work status. You are about to make some new, enthusiastic beginnings. Your professional and personal life will improve, provided that you make the right moves.

Aries Monthly Love Summary:

In your love life, things will evolve, as optimism and luck are on your side. The time is right to talk to your partner about the course of your relationship. You are in a good mood, so you may want to plan the changes you have been considering. Take advantage of the peaceful mood in order to enjoy your intimate moments.

Aries Monthly Career Summary:

At work, you may want to wait until the end of the month to deal with any upcoming changes and decisions. Until then, it might be difficult to convince others about your ideas and plans. Eventually, you will manage to bring changes in the workplace, plan business trips or deal with colleagues from abroad. You will move swiftly and discreetly to make your plans come true, acting without any obstacles. Your finances are finally sorted out, thanks to your experience and knowledge.


Taurus March Horoscope 2019

Taurus Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This will be an overall positive and busy month for you. You will feel an urge to finally deal with issues that have been troubling you. You might face some – unimportant – obstacles in your communications, so you need to try harder. Express yourself clearly, both at work and in your personal life. Don’t expect others to guess what you really mean. You are about to make some new beginnings, with negotiations and deals on the table. Your love life is also on a positive track and your experience will determine your decisions.

Taurus Monthly Love Summary:

Your love life will receive a positive boost and your relationship will evolve harmoniously. You and your partner will enjoy moments of companionship, romance and passion and you will also have the chance to discuss the future of your relationship. You might plan an engagement, or even get married – if you are daring enough! If you are not in a couple, the time is right to start a new relationship with very positive prospects. Towards the end of the month, emotional issues will be put on hold and you might have to set some things straight, if you are feeling lost.

Taurus Monthly Career Summary:

At work, this will be a very creative month. You are about to begin some new collaborations, with good prospects and duration. You will be assertive and resilient, responding very well to pressure. The time is right to plan tricky ventures successfully. Your finances are also looking up, and you are finally able to settle obligations and make contacts that will boost your income. You will be able to analyse and deal with issues that have been keeping you down; find the heart of the problem and deal with it, once and for all.


Gemini March Horoscope 2019

Gemini Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This month brings you new opportunities on a personal and professional level. You can now set the foundations for your relationship, or your love life in general. Take the step you have been dreading! On a professional level, it is a good month for your collaborations and your relationships with your colleagues. Demanding situations can be dealt with, in a dynamic and decisive manner. You have enough energy and patience to reach your goals. Consider getting involved in new activities that will help your personality evolve. You might even continue your studies. You may sometimes feel pensive, but this will be a temporary phase you can benefit from.

Gemini Monthly Love Summary:

This month will be very positive for your relationship. Talk to your partner about a possible, long-term commitment. If you are single, move closer to the person that interests you and you might just achieve the changes you have been longing for. You need to be more direct and assertive in order to reach your goals. It takes some effort if you want the others to understand what you want. Towards the end of the month, however, communication improves and becomes rich and lively again. Take advantage of this period to have some meaningful discussions with your partner. This will make your relationship more harmonious and give it time and space for enjoyable activities.

Gemini Monthly Career Summary:

At work, keep your eyes open and your mind alert. Handle your professional affairs with caution and be careful when you engage in water-cooler talks. Misunderstandings might complicate things. You may want to focus on collaborations and deals, especially since your work relationships are about to improve towards the end of the month. Your finances will improve, thanks to new deals that will boost your income.


Cancer March Horoscope 2019

Cancer Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This will be a very rich and lively month for you. You will be able to set some solid foundations for your personal and professional relationships. New collaborations and commitments are in sight, even if they currently seem slightly distant. You will have to deal with your obligations in a serious manner. Besides, you have the strength, the resilience and the patience to successfully deal with demanding situations. You can now set the basis for new beginnings that will help your personality evolve and will urge you to travel and educate yourself. It is about time for you to gain some knowledge and to taste new experiences. Whatever you decide to do, it is certainly going to be a valuable experience for you.

Cancer Monthly Love Summary:

This month will be very positive for your love life, as your relationships take a serious, progressive course. Your experiences obtain depth and seriousness and are no longer shallow and superficial. Any obstacle can be overcome with the right, responsible and serious approach. A new acquaintance might prove to be very important or promising for the future. You might even feel the need to take your existing relationship one step further; it’s all or nothing, at this point. You either move forward, or you move on, without any second thoughts. This will be a month of developments and seriousness.

Cancer Monthly Career Summary:

In your professional life, you need to be a bit careful, as communication is not your strong suit at this point. You will need to be patient and persistent if you want to get your point across. Collaborations will be strong, but you need to be assertive in order to make the most of them. Towards the end of the month, your communicative skills improve once again and become more lively and optimistic. New deals are on the table and business talks might bring you significant benefits. In your finances, you can discuss the prospect of a new venture that could boost your income.


Leo March Horoscope 2019

Leo Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This month you might have to be careful about the way you choose to communicate, express yourself and handle your behaviour in your daily life. These coming days will be quite demanding. The obstacles and problems will not be important, but in any case communication will not be your strong suit. You will have to put some effort into it, be clear, concise and choose the right time to get your point across. You have to find the strength to finish off the pending issues that have been troubling you. Towards the end of the month, things will get better for you, as optimism and good mood define your daily life. The time will be right to make your plans come true.

Leo Monthly Love Summary:

Your love life will be filled with luck, decisiveness and optimism. If you are in a relationship, things will be very positive for you and your partner. You will engage in meaningful discussions, talk about things that bother you and come up with solutions. The future seems hopeful and this gives you a positive vibe. If you are single, there are many things you can do to change this status. Approaching the opposite sex will be easy and luck will be on your side. Superficial situations will come to an end and your love life will gain depth and prospect. If you have your eyes set on a new acquaintance, developments are about to be very positive.

Leo Monthly Career Summary:

This month will give your professional life the boost you have been waiting for, as you move with passion and dynamism. Your activities will have a good, resilient pace and you will find the strength and patience to deal with demanding business situations. You will be serious, assertive and able to make the most of any given opportunity. Your professionalism and sense of responsibility will be boosted. Ambitions guide you and determine your course. In your finances, make sure to take advantage of this month to settle any pending obligations and kick off your plans. Don’t let the prospects get away!

Virgo March Horoscope 2019

Virgo Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This will be a very sweet month for you, especially if you use these predictions for your own benefit. When it comes to relationships of any kind, interesting developments are ahead. You might feel some internal distress, but it will be more manageable than it has been in the past. You might have to put some effort into the areas of communication and self-expression. Remember this when you handle business issues and collaborations. Eventually, you will find the right way to talk about your plans with people of interest. Optimism and joy are ahead, as long as you manage to control your extravagance and your vanity.

Virgo Monthly Love Summary:

In your love life, you re about to go through a positive, optimistic period, filled with luck. Your relationship becomes lively, even if sometimes you risk seeming shallow and extravagant. This will flow peacefully, giving you the time to have fun and be close with your partner, displaying your affection to each other. This phase will be very enjoyable, as long as you can remain patient during your discussions. Be direct and honest, and don’t make a big deal out of minor things. Your relationship is about to enter a path of seriousness and trust. If it is real, you may now consider making it official. If you are single, enjoy all the interesting acquaintances that are ahead of you and keep the best one, towards the end of the month.

Virgo Monthly Career Summary:

Your professional life is about to receive some very strong influences. You will behave is a very professional, assertive manner in your collaborations. Anyone who contacts you will be able to trust your credibility and your capability. Make the most of this month to boost your career. Convince your superiors that you deserve more and your income will increase.

Libra March Horoscope 2019

Libra Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This month will generally be positive, giving you the chance to implement your plans and achieve significant developments. Your relationships are widely favored, on both a professional and personal level. You will now be able to restore the balance that has been missing lately. Have you created distance between you and your family? Are you facing difficulties in your collaborations? Make your move and you will find the right way to approach them and resolve any conflict. You will also be preoccupied with your inner self. The time is right to make new plans and ventures with positive prospects. Set some solid foundations and everything with be smooth in the future.

Libra Monthly Love Summary:

Your love life will be pleasurable and the universe will help you get what you want. If you are in a relationship, it is about to take a serious turn – even to the degree of a marriage proposal. If you are already married, you may decide to take a next step that will make your bond evolve. What you decide to do will depend on your needs and prospects. If you are single, you will go through a transitional period. It might be time to leave casual dating behind you, as your relationship becomes more serious and mature. Be more specific on words and actions.

Libra Monthly Career Summary:

At work, you will deal with issues in an assertive, confident manner. The time is right for you to engage in demanding ventures, as you are currently very insightful and optimistic. You may have to put some effort into the way you communicate. No particular problems are in sight, however it will help you if you express yourself correctly and you pay attention to what others are telling you. You are finally able to resolve some pending financial matters in the best possible way.


                                   Scorpio March Horoscope 2019

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This month will be very positive for your sign. You will be able to face any difficulty in a passionate and dynamic manner, while remaining ambitious, honest and very energetic. The time is right for you to deal with complicated situations, resolve issues that trouble you and to finalise pending matters in a positive way. Early in the month you may feel a certain anxiety, so make sure you are clear and direct in your affairs. Be patient and don’t let everything you hear get to you, because things are not always what they seem. eventually, the month will flow in a positive, favourable way, as long as you remain patient when facing the difficulties.

Scorpio Monthly Love Summary:

Your love life is about to take a positive turn. Have you met someone new, but things seem to be idle between you? Worry not! This month will show you if you should take things to the next level, or not. if your relationship is stagnant, you will be given opportunities to invigorate it. A marriage, an official commitment or serious decisions will give your relationship prospect and future. If, on the other hand, your relationship has nothing more to give you, you might consider ending it. In any case, developments will make you feel that you are moving towards something positive.

Scorpio Monthly Career Summary:

Your professional life is on a very positive track and you are about to take some grand steps forward. Collaborations will develop and will become more significant and professional. You are the one who will set the agenda. You will be presented with new and interesting opportunities that will boost your professional status and help your finances improve.


Sagittarius March Horoscope 2019

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope Summary:

What a turbulent month this will be for you! First off, communication will be problematic and you will have difficulties expressing yourself and explaining your business plans to colleagues, so prepare accordingly if you want to achieve the optimal results. You will also have to be direct and clear when communicating with your friends, because some things may be misunderstood. In your love life, a lot of effort will be required in order to have meaningful conversations with your partner. Be honest and direct with them. Eventually, you will have the chance to set your plans in motion, with optimism and luck. Education and studies are favored during this period. You may face some internal concerns, but they will not be enough to spoil your good mood.

Sagittarius Monthly Love Summary:

This coming month will be positive for your love life, as things will develop and luck will be on your side. You may begin a new relationship or take your existing one some steps forward. However, a breakup is not off the table at this point. If your relationship has become unbearable and no alternative can resolve the conflicts, maybe you need to let it go. Once you are free, you will be able to build something new and healthy. A new relationship might become more significant and stable.

Sagittarius Monthly Career Summary:

At work, great things are ahead for you this month, as long as you are careful about the way you communicate and express yourself. A business trip might benefit your professional affairs and give you new, interesting prospects, especially since collaborations are highly favoured this month. You will be able to boost the existing collaborations and also make new, dynamic ones. The ones that are not that stable will probably end, leaving time and space for something more creative and interesting. The same goes for your finances; make the most of your social and professional contacts in order for your income to improve.

Capricorn March Horoscope 2019

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This month, expect some interesting developments. Significant changes are expected from now on. You will be filled with knowledge and experiences that will help you mature as a person. There may be times when you will feel uncomfortable, but thus will you be able to see your life changing and evolving and take the next step. You will do whatever is necessary to reach the top. This month will create some difficulties in communication and self-expression. There may even be a mental upheaval for you during the month. Eventually, evolution will come through communication. Are you in discussions about a new job or the next step in your personal life?

Capricorn Monthly Love Summary:

Your personal life enters a period of evolution and change. You will be able to experience new situations you may have been seeking for a long time. You are likely to meet new people, experiment with a new relationship, develop your existing bond, talk about making things official. A breakup during this period might come as a relief from weights and sick situations. By all means, your relationships are favored, and you will discover a unique way to make progress. At last, you will be able to unblock and escape stagnation. Take advantage of this period, especially towards the end of the month, when your relationships gain status and stability.

Capricorn Monthly Career Summary:

At work, you will be able to experience similar developments. It is very likely that you will now see the results of a good collaboration. Optimism in your collaborations will help you achieve the results you want. Discuss the plans that you have in mind, proceed with agreements and there will be plenty of favour in both your job and your pocket. A new venture begins and is expected to evolve very positively and with a long future. At the same time, this period is ideal for business trips and studies. Make good use of your time and the results will satisfy you.


Aquarius March Horoscope 2019

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This month will bring you interesting developments in your relationships. Your intimate relationship enters a new phase that makes you feel like everything that keeps you stagnant is being resolved. Moreover, you can see positive developments in professional collaborations and experience the favour of the planetary setting. The area of ​​communication needs a little more caution. During this month, communications, transport and spirituality will at times seem idle. More effort is needed to explain or express your thoughts to others. Eventually, you will be given a wonderful opportunity to make a fresh start in financial, professional and educational subjects. The ideas that you implement will have good luck, a long-term course and good developments. Your money can also increase. Do not remain inactive.

Aquarius Monthly Love Summary:

In your love life you will experience interesting developments this month, as long as you help the situation. The universe urges you to get out of the quagmire and take one step further. If you are single and in search of a partner, take an initiative and move with optimism to meet them. If there is someone you are interested in, the time is right to approach them and to get to know them better, with amazing prospects. If you feel that an existing relationship does not fulfill you and has nothing else to offer you, you can now let it go. Either a new relationship will come to stay, or the existing one will be stabilized. Experience brings maturity and you will feel this on your skin.

Aquarius Monthly Career Summary:

At work, you will need to be careful. Things are not going to be particularly negative, but you still need to move with caution and be alert at all times. The areas of communication, self-expression and transport are not particularly favored. You might consider avoiding deals and trips for a while. Eventually, you will achieve a better management of your business affairs. You will become more patient and you will work well under pressure. You will cope with the difficulties and you achieve your goals successfully. Take advantage of this favourable time to boost your finances. You can work hard and make money or resolve the issues that have created an economic imbalance.



Pisces March Horoscope 2019

Pisces Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This month will bring you a lot of positive elements and you have to do everything you can to make the most of them. You can do things that will improve your relationships and collaborations. You have to set things straight in order to facilitate the upcoming developments that will bring you favourable results over time. Collaborations will bring you enough money, improve your reputation and generally create a situation that has plenty of wealth, on a material and emotional level. You might consider delaying and even postponing important deals for a while. The results will not be negative, but you will need a little more effort to achieve the desired goals. Eventually, your new beginnings will have duration and good luck.

Pisces Monthly Love Summary:

Evolution, progress, prosperity and luck are in store for your love life. A relationship that has been stagnant is now entering a course of development. You can talk to your partner and make joint decisions that can either bond you for a lifetime, or give both of you the freedom to live a happier life. In any case, reshufflings are ahead. If you are single and in search of a person who will inspire you and make you see your life alongside their own, you are highly likely to meet them. Keep your eyes open and get rid of the old habits. Make sure you are clear and specific in your communication with your partner, so that you leave no room for misunderstanding.

Pisces Monthly Career Summary:

This month will bring changes to your professional life. You may need to make more effort to influence others in favor of your opinions, but in the end you will make it. The time is right to start new collaborations that will bring you significant revenue but also improve your status. Through them you can give a new boost to your career. Also, balance in your relationships with your colleagues seems to be restored. Avoid closing any deals early in the month, because there might not be a proper understanding between the sides. In your finances, you can see a significant improvement through partnerships and social gatherings. Make the right, smart moves!






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