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Your Horoscope for the month of September 2019

Your September monthly horoscope is fresh off the press, only days before an amazing New Super Moon in Virgo on August 30th which sets the tone for the first two weeks of September. The month then peaks with an  incredibly romantic Pisces Full Moon on the 14thso make the most of that very special weekend! What do the stars have in store for you this month? Let’s have a look at your starry monthly forecast followed by the monthly love horoscope and career predictions for your zodiac sign!

September’s stars cheer you on – put your plans into action!

September starts on the best, rightest possible foot! An amazing Virgo New SuperMoon – the best New Moon of the year – is already up and running by September 1st, giving you a magical 2-week window to put all your most important plans into action! Picking up all this wonderful New Moon energy, Mars, Mercury in Virgo and the Sun conjunct on September 2-4 turning you into a laser-beam of focus – a well informed, mean, lean production machine. Oh boy, there’s nothing you cannot accomplish now!

From the get go and until September 12th, you’ll have every opportunity to work through the intricacies of love relationships and business partnerships, creative projects, meticulous research or financial agreements, to take decisive action and to move your life forward on all fronts! The Sun in Virgo trines Saturn on the 6th giving you a stable base to build from. This is no flash in the pan. Don’t waste this energy arguing or daydreaming. The whole cosmos is cheering you on to plant some fantastic seeds in your life, the rewards of which you’ll begin to reap March 2020 and beyond. So get workin’!

Romance is painted bright in the sky in the middle of the month! As an immediate reward for your hard work, Saturday, September 14th brings an incredibly romantic 2019 Pisces Full Moon! The Sun opposes Neptune retrograde on the 10th acting as a check point for all your dreams and longings as the Full Moon looms into view. How far along are you? This is a Micro Moon – far from the earth and appearing small. So pay attention to even your smallest dreams. Your tiniest hunches. Your faintest hopes and wishes…And weave them in.

Mercury and Venus in Virgo flutter all over that Full Moon date, putting relationship talks centre stage. They meet in Virgo on the 13th then enter Libra on the 14th, where they oppose Chiron on the 16th and 17th, highlighting a need for honesty and authenticity in relationship. Negotiate, yes, meet others half way, but do it with self-respect.

Milk the romantic Pisces Full Moon of the 14th for all it’s got because September 18th brings a reality check! Saturn in Capricorn goes direct and it’s time to get serious. The last contact of the 2019 Jupiter-Neptune square happens right after that on the 21st, heightening your longing for something outside the ordinary as Saturn squares Mercury (22nd), urging you to test your ideas in the real world. You can do it. Mars and Pluto also link hands on the 19thgiving you the strength to move mountains. Step firmly on the ground but reach for the stars!

The 2019 Autumn Equinox falls on September 23rd when the Sun enters Libra. Time to evaluate where you are, negotiate new ground and prepare for winter. An important Libra New SuperMoon arrives on September 28th opposite Chiron in Aries. At the same time Saturn conjuncts the South Lunar Node for the 3rd and final time this year in square to Venus. Relationships – romantic or financial – are being tested for the final time and it’s time for important decisions. You are at a karmic crossroads and this is no time to mince your words. Help is at hand in the form of opportunities for tolerance and win-win deals so you’re not going in unsupported. But that much is clear: something that’s been limping along all year long ends on or after September 28th – over the next few weeks – clearing the way for a major new start.

There’s lots going on this month so check out your career forecast and the love horoscope for your star sign!

Read on for your monthly horoscope…


Aries September Horoscope 2019

Aries Monthly Horoscope Summary:

You are being a bit selfish and this might disappoint the people around you. Your finances will be a top priority for you. Avoid conflicts with your loved ones, because they might end up harming your relationship. Any problems that occur will need to be handled with clear thinking and control, in if you want to resolve them with the least possible consequences. A vital change will take place in the beginning of the month. Your income will increase thanks to new sources, while your sociability will help you progress. If you are planning to travel abroad for business, now is a good time to do so, as you could gain many benefits.

Aries Monthly Love Summary:

This month will be pleasant and will bring you closer to your partner. Be careful about how you handle the conflicts between you, because they will only be temporary. This month, you will feel a love and passion so strong, that your mood will be uplifted. If you are single, think again. You will meet new, interesting people with whom you might have a lot of fun. If you decide to commit, you could create a very exciting relationship. If you still secretly have feelings for someone, no I the time to open up and reveal what you have been keeping inside. The end of the month will be an ideal moment for you to do so.

Aries Monthly Career Summary:

Your work will bring you satisfaction, even though you will face some delays and doubts and some colleagues might start pressuring you. Be very careful when you communicate with your seniors at work, as their suspicions about you might affect your effectiveness. Be diplomatic and calm if any conflicts occur, because the planetary setting these days will be negative. In your finances, expect gains and progress. You might feel anxious because of some loans, but you will manage to settle them. Your income will be satisfactory and enough to meet your needs, making you very happy.


Taurus September Horoscope 2019

Taurus Monthly Horoscope Summary:

The beginning of the month will reveal your selfish tendencies an a somewhat egocentric thinking. Your life situation and your reputation becomes your priority. Some problems might occur that require imminent solutions without delays, otherwise you might re-encounter them in the future. Your daily life will be very busy and you might even have to travel more than you usually do. You will receive some good and unexpected news. After the middle of the month, you will focus primarily on your family and your finances. Your days will be full and very active. Around the end of the month, luck might increase your revenue. This month, avoid fixating on things and trying to control others.

Taurus Monthly Love Summary:

You will enjoy pleasant moments with your partner, within a happy, caring atmosphere. In the beginning of the month you might feel like you are growing apart, but this will only be temporary. The only thing that could ruin this loving mood is your partner’s tendency to control you, which pushes you a lot, even though you know they are motivated by their love and interest for you. If you re single, these days will help you meet new people, have fun and maybe even lead to a relationship.

Taurus Monthly Career Summary:

Your hard work and consistency will be acknowledged by your superiors, leading to a significant professional progress. Be more collaborative and less selfish at work. This month will help you find the strength to deal with problems and settle debts from the past. Be prudent with your expenses and you will manage to save up money for your own security. Do it now and you shall be rewarded later.


Gemini September Horoscope 2019

Gemini Monthly Horoscope Summary:

The beginning of the month will find you a bit tired and out of strength. Increased expenses seem to create some problems for your finances, so you better be alert regarding your money and financial obligations. On the other hand, there will be turmoil in your love life and you will uncover people who have been moving in the shadows against you. See this as an opportunity to clarify things; make smart, calm moves to make the most of the developments. It seems that after the middle of the month there will be better conditions that will improve your income prospects. Your physical well-being will balance your situation, as optimism and excellence will boost your morale. These conditions help you explore your spirituality. Your creative predisposition will also surface.

Gemini Monthly Love Summary:

A pleasant month is expected for your love life, as you will enjoy beautiful moments with your partner. Your desires will be immediately fulfilled. Around the middle of the month, misunderstandings and bad communication are possible, so make sure you find the right words to express what you want. It’s easy to create issues that would spoil the beautiful atmosphere. If you are single, the conditions make you more sociable and erotic, so you will have the chance to meet interesting people who will attract your attention.

Gemini Monthly Career Summary:

At work, the overall mood is positive and so are developments. In the beginning of the month, it is best to organise your schedule more carefully, so that you have the opportunity to meet your obligations effectively and avoid being exposed in the eyes of your superiors. Misunderstandings or delays may arise, but they are only temporary, so remain calm. During the last week of the month, you will see that cooperation will help you improve communication and overcome. In your finances, your income will increase and you will save up money. Make sure you avoid excesses when managing your money and do not become stingy, or, the opposite, reckless with your spending.


Cancer September Horoscope 2019

Cancer Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This month will bring you significant revenue and luxury combined with a glamorous social life. Your friends inspire you and enrich your life with their presence and support. Perhaps a new source of income that you were not expecting will now emerge. Around the middle of the month, the scene changes a bit and an imbalance in your spending causes problems in your finances. You will experience a broader agitation, so try to stay calm and control any aggressive tendencies. Issues will arise in your environment, which you will have to face with a clear mind and always keeping the best interest own goals and affairs in mind. If you need to travel, do it sparingly and with proper planning, in order to avoid excessive spending. Despite the limitations in your finances, things will eventually develop positively.

Cancer Monthly Love Summary:

Your relationship is expected to go through a positive phase and you will be active and extrovert when expressing your feelings towards your partner. You will spend romantic moments and experience happiness and trust in your relationship. If you are single, your eroticism and charm will be so intense that many people will try to approach you and get to know you better. This period will help you find the right companion to start a beautiful relationship. All you have to do is want it.

Cancer Monthly Career Summary:

At work, you will not have any particular problems, despite the occasional ups and downs. During the first ten days, you will focus your attention on your relationships and try to bring back the peace between you and the other people. Try not to be irritated with the delays and problems that will occur, because they will only be temporary. Set your own limits and stop adjusting to other people’s needs. Now that the planets favor you, do whatever you can to make them adjust to yours. This month you will need a lot of work to maintain professional and financial balances, but in the end you will be rewarded for your efforts. Be prudent in your finances and faithfully stick to your budget, saving up for the hard times.


Leo September Horoscope 2019

Leo Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This month is expected with many promises and gifts for you, although you will experience situations that will not be so clear. This period seems creative and intense for your career. You successfully carry out the tasks assigned to you and you might even get a promotion. On a personal level, many positive developments will take place and, as a result, you will feel relieved. Family issues may require a little more attention, but people in your circle will help you get over them. Do not forget that everything takes effort. Therefore, prosperity will only come after you put a lot of effort and energy into every aspect of your daily life, remaining calm in the face of trouble. The planetary setting also favours your finances, where you will see an unexpected increase from external sources. The month will close with a substantial influx of money. Your sociability is at its peak and you know how to enjoy it.

Leo Monthly Love Summary:

Your love life is very pleasant, as you and your partner share identical thoughts, wants and needs. Together, you will have a strong social life and spend fun evenings with your friends and families. Don’t be jealous or possessive with your partner, because that could easily destroy the erotic mood that you have been enjoying together. If you are single, you will have the opportunity to start a relationship with a person from your circle of friends that you will run into. Don’t ignore them; there is something between you. Give it time and space to evolve, because it might bring you the love you have been seeking.

Leo Monthly Career Summary:

You are willing to work hard, but you will face unexpected things that will ruin your planning. Although you will have the support of your associates, you will soon discover that, in the shadows, secret conversations about you are taking place; this will make you very sad. Try to avoid tensions and conflicts and let time work for your benefit. You will soon see that conditions will become more favorable and you will have the opportunity to present ideas that will amaze your colleagues and your superiors. In your finances, your profits will be satisfactory, but not stable. Control your spending, otherwise you will end up unable to meet your obligations.

Virgo September Horoscope 2019

Virgo Monthly Horoscope Summary:

Luck will be on your side during this whole month, so don’t be surprised if unexpected things happen. The beginning of the month will bring you some difficulties, but they only be temporary. Some fun trips with interesting results may take place. Give yourself the opportunity to engage in active ventures so as to invest your energy and balance yourself emotionally. Avoid conflicts in your personal life and be conciliatory. Now is not the right time for you to settle pending situations, because the planets do not favor such moves. You will get to deal with them later, under more suitable conditions. Your revenue is expected to increase after the middle of the month, thanks sources you were not expecting. The same goes for your career, in which you will see substantial progress. Your position at work and your overall status are expected to improve rapidly this month. Admiration for you in your workplace will be evident, much to your satisfaction. You will spend pleasant moments with people from your social circle, so make sure you enjoy them.

Virgo Monthly Love Summary:

You can be quite aggressive towards your partner and this will create conflicts, problems and possibly some distance between you. Give your relationship some time and you will see things improve significantly. If you are single, maybe you should reconsider. Your self-confidence and intense sex appeal make you attractive to the opposite sex. You will have an exciting social life and, eventually, you’ll get the chance to meet your other half through your social circle. Keep your eyes open and make the most of this opportunity.

Virgo Monthly Career Summary:

Your professional affairs will have positive results and you will feel a very vivid, positive energy. You will face some delays, but do not worry, because they will soon give way to some very good prospects. Avoid making new plans and taking dangerous risks during the first half of the month. You will have the support of your professional environment, which will help you be very creative and reach your goals. Your finances will improve and you will get back some money that you loaned in the past.

Libra September Horoscope 2019

Libra Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This month might begin with a slight deficit in your energy and strength. Don’t feel bad though; you need to stop thinking about yourself for a while. Enjoy the planet’s favour in your love life. Despite some small obstacles, your finances will develop positively, since your income will increase from unexpected sources. However, you need to be very careful when making transactions with the public or tax sector. After the middle of the month, you will be luckier. At work, you will get the chance to develop and increase your revenue. An unexpected, but pleasant, trip might take place around the end of the month. Make the most of it and have fun. You will also expand your spirituality and explore your inner world. In case, forget your doubts and insecurities and enjoy the new experiences.

Libra Monthly Love Summary:

Your relationship will be full of tension and you will need to rethink many things. The first half of the month is not suitable for serious decisions, so use this time to rethink and examine your deeper needs and wishes. Then, you will be able to talk to your partner about your concerns and the things that make you sad. They will be very understanding. If you are single, the time has come to get rid of your loneliness, once and for all. Don’t turn the people who want to flirt you away. Give them the chance to approach you and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Libra Monthly Career Summary:

These days will be unstable and you cannot change that. Get ready to face several minor obstacles and delays in deals that were about to be finalised. Patience will be your strongest weapon. Give yourself some time to perform an in-depth review of their terms and conditions, so that you avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. Your colleagues will be supportive and helpful, giving you valuable advice. In your finances, you will face some problems that stem from past financial commitments. Think clearly and rationally in order to deal with them while you still can.

                                   Scorpio September Horoscope 2019

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This month will be fairly balanced for you, despite some minor misunderstandings due to bad communication. On the one hand, your career is progressing, despite your demanding program, and on the other your social life is flowing smoothly, with several pleasant moments. Your health is also very good. Be careful in your personal life, around the middle of the month; you need to control your selfish outbursts, if you want to preserve the peace in your life. You can plan spiritual trips that will give you answers and will bring you positive results. Business trips are also likely to occur. Around the end of the month, be calm and reserved when facing conflicts and turbulences.

Scorpio Monthly Love Summary:

In your love life, the beginning of the month will be quite hard, especially in the area of communication. For some reason, you and your partner will be unable to understand each other. This situation could last for a while, so remain calm and don’t push things to the edge. This would only drive your relationship off the cliff. If you are single, you probably don’t have any time for relationships due to your heavy schedule. Have some fun with your friends, relax, devote time to yourself and make no mistake: if it is written in the stars, your other half will find you, no matter what.

Scorpio Monthly Career Summary:

You will face a hostile environment at work, due to the lack of communication and positive energy. this will result to competition and pressure. You must work hard in order to improve and maintain your high standards. Don’t make any important decisions just yet; instead, wait until after the middle of the month, when your thinking will be clearer. Your finances will create some concern, but you will be able to profit after the middle of the month. If you are insightful, you might earn some money from unexpected sources. However, your expenses will still be increased, so be reserved in your management.


Sagittarius September Horoscope 2019

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This month will bring conflicts and problems with people who have power over you. Control your feelings and be prudent when dealing with difficult situations. The same thing goes for your love life; your ego is affecting your relationship and it complicates things, especially during the beginning of the month. Your transactions will be profitable, especially ones made abroad. You might earn some money from unexpected sources, but you need to manage this money carefully, in order to deal with pending obligations and save up. After the middle of the month, take better care of your health and beware of some minor obstacles. Don’t commit if you don’t have to and don’t fill your schedule with tasks. Maintain a laid-back, balanced daily rhythm.

Sagittarius Monthly Love Summary:

You need to control what you say and how you handle your anger in your love life, in order to maintain the balance in your relationship. Unexpected situations will ruin your good mood and will make you have second thoughts. You will be jealous, possessive and aggressive in your disposition. If you are single, you will be quite disappointed by a person you met recently, who will prove to be different than you thought. Don’t let this bring you down; this month will help you meet much more interesting people.

Sagittarius Monthly Career Summary:

This month will bring you mixed experiences. Delays and postponements will irritate you and test your limits. Stay calm if you want to minimize the damage. New social contacts will help you promote your goals. Luck will be on your side, but you must be diplomatic in order to have a good relationship with your superiors. Your finances will be affected by unexpected expenses. However, after the middle of the month, cash flow will improve and you will feel more secure. Construct a good financial plan and your income will improve. Avoid big investments and risks, because you will lose money in the end.

Capricorn September Horoscope 2019

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope Summary:

Anger and selfishness will create obstacles in your path this month. You will receive information from abroad which might change your daily routine. Be careful with health matters, as you are likely to have some problems. After the middle of the month, expect torrential changes in both your professional and your personal life. You will meet new people, acquire new experiences and your days will be full of energy and variety. Try to devote some more time to your family. You hard work and initiative will be fully rewarded.

Capricorn Monthly Love Summary:

In your love life, you will get chances, but they will not necessarily lead to something serious. This month will generally be positive and satisfying for you. Your charm and eroticism will be very intense and you will attract a lot of interest and flirting from other people. If you are in a relationship, your partner might be irritable and create some tensions around the middle of the month. Avoid conflicts, since this will only be a temporary nuisance.

Capricorn Monthly Career Summary:

Your professional life will rapidly develop and progress, with a lot of work and effort from your part. Your creativity will be rewarded and your colleagues will vocally support you. Through planning and hard work you will maximise your chances to implement your plans. Your development will become even more evident after the middle of the month. Your finances will also be satisfying. You might face some problems with your cash flow, but your prudent management will help you overcome them. Your investments will earn you money.


Aquarius September Horoscope 2019

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This month you will let your ego guide you and prioritise your need to be respected and to feel important. The rhythms of your everyday life will be rapid, intense and you may need to travel a lot. You will benefit from some information that will come from someone outside your social circle. After the middle of the month, devote some time to other areas of your life and especially to your family, your finances, and some state affairs. Remember that you are not the centre of the universe. Otherwise, you will not be able to benefit from the favour of the universe on your finances. Trust your strengths and get to work.

Aquarius Monthly Love Summary:

The mood in your love life makes you feel confident and sensual. If you are single, you will get the opportunity to start a new relationship, with strong foundations, on which you can build future projects that will arise. If you are already in a relationship, you will have to maintain the balance within it. Be careful about what you say and what you do, because things can easily be misinterpreted and that could hurt you both. Around the end of the month, however, you will be rewarded with joy and satisfaction. You will enjoy the time you spend with your partner in a very loving mood.

Aquarius Monthly Career Summary:

This will be a period of intense activity and energy. There will be many opportunities, but beware of your tendency to do everything quickly; try to control it, in order to get better and more stable results. Do not try many things at once; instead, concentrate on your main goal and leave the new beginnings aside, at least around the middle of the month. Do not ignore your competition and take the advice of your superiors into account. Your finances will be on a positive path and you will earn money from various sources. Hard work, social contacts and new ideas will increase your profits. Avoid reckless spending, if you want to save money for the future.



Pisces September Horoscope 2019

Pisces Monthly Horoscope Summary:

This month promises a variety of experiences for you. You are likely to travel and gain important profits. Even a short trip could be squeezed in your schedule and make you feel better. You need to be more careful with your family matters. Conflicts will occur and you must be very discreet in the way you handle them. After the middle of the month, you will focus on your finances and your sources of income. Devote time to an interesting prospect related to the acquisition of property. Big investments are favoured. Past financial ventures might start making profit. In general, you will be forgiving towards other people, despite the harsh rhythms of your daily routine.

Pisces Monthly Love Summary:

This month, your job will be so demanding that you will neglect your love life; this could make you oversee some good prospects. In any case, your social life will be active and your charm will be intense. Before the middle of the month, if you are in a relationship, you will feel a blockage in the expression of your feelings. Don’t let this temporary obstacle affect you.

Pisces Monthly Career Summary:

At work, things will be controversial. In the beginning of the month, you will have to deal with the jealousy and the competition of some of your colleagues. Be smart and diplomatic, so as to avoid any further negative consequences. Let things go and disregard the negative comments with discretion. You will have many obligations that will make you feel anxious and pressured. This month is not suitable for new beginnings and changes. Make a solid plan and stick to it, work hard and the desired results will come. Don’t count on people from your workplace, as they can’t help you right now. Your finances will be characterized by stability, so make a rational action plan for your obligations. Your income might face some turbulences, so be careful. If you own a company, you will have to deal with unexpected expenses that will worry you. Be very careful if you decide to invest.






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